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M2C :: How "RBF" can be a real bummer at work

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This is my face. This is my face when I am working. This is my face when I am watching TV. This is my face when I do laundry & this is my face when I go shopping. For those of you who don't know, "RBF" is short for "resting bitch face." And it has gotten me in some deep weeds at work. 

One of my first performance reviews didn't go how I expected it to. I thought I was killing it at my job. I was told that while my work was great, my attitude needed to improve. When I asked if they could elaborate, I was told (and I'm not joking) that the faces I make "don't instill trust in the team." What am I supposed to do with that?! Does that mean I'm actually not doing well? Will this affect my eligibility for a future raise? I became a little bit of a nervous wreck. I tried smiling more, raising my eyebrows, opening my eyes more; anything I could do to not look like the picture above. 

But, my darling managers of the world, there are two sides to every creative! Get to know the people you work with. Their face may just be that way lol