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M2C Currently Craving :: Home Office Edition

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Having a fun and organized workspace is just as important as paying your Creative Cloud subscription. A place where creativity can flow easily from your mind to your trackpad. Its also the center for your business, where you keep invoices in line and client contact information at hand. With new clients coming in, here are a few items I am currently craving to keep everything in check: 


1. CB2 Lightning Night Cable :: Black and white woven nylon and 10 feet long! Don’t get caught in an embarrassing moment with your client because your phone or iPad dies during your meeting. This cable has a sliding weighted knot that can be adjusted so your device doesn’t slide without your consent. 

2. The Pilot V5 Retractable Pen :: Ok, let’s be real. This pen is NOT cute, but hot damn does it write well. The ink just *perfectly* settles on your paper from the roller ball tip. This has been my go-to pen for the better part of 10 years. 

3. Rhodia Dot Pads :: These are essential for logo creation. They are 80 g of acid free, extra white, super smooth goodness. Micro perforated on the top, you won’t have to worry about getting the “fringe-ies” when you need to tear a sheet off. 

4. Russell + Hazel Acrylic File Box :: When you have papers strewn about your desk but you need to find that one invoice from two clients ago for your taxes - you’ll wish {like me} that you had this adorable file box. 

5. Lifefactory 22oz Glass Bottle :: Because…water. Creative juices {ew!} can’t flow if you’re not hydrated. I am notorious for drinking coffee from sun up to sun down. Drink 4-5 of of these a day from this BPA free bottle and you’ll be ready to rock n’ roll come closing time. 

6. Poppin Aqua Limber LED Task Lamp :: You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good task lamp, but Poppin has color coordinating products to ensure that your desk is as designed as your brand. This lamp has an ultra-flexible arm to get the light just where you need it and a USB plug for all your charging needs.