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M2C :: When Someone Asks for Cheap Design

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We all know that one person who tries to get everything for a steal. But in this business, you get what you pay for. My hourly rate is $50/hr. That is not an arbitrary number. I have factored my monthly expenses, my level of expertise in my field, estimated time spent on various projects, among many other factors. If you offer me $100 for a logo, I will give you two hours of my time. Sometimes, two hours only encompasses a portion of my competitive analysis research. So what you will receive at the end of those two hours is a partially completed comp. analysis that would look ugly on your website. 

Here are a few things to consider when asking a designer you know personally to come up with a design for you on the cheap:

  1. Design school was NOT cheap. College in general is crazy expensive, add 4 years worth of art materials into the mix and you’re in for some face paling debt after you graduate. 
  2. Art programs are NOT cheap. On top of paying back student loans, your average 20 something designer friend likely has to pay a monthly fee for that fancy Adobe suite they use to make your art. If they opt for the non-monthly alternative, they can pay upwards of a few grand for programs they can’t update.
  3. Everything else is NOT cheap. We all know apartments, food, etc. cost money. You won’t get good work {or any work} if your designer can’t afford the electric bill. 

Ok. So it’s not just the *stuff* that costs money. It is the exchange of ideas. What a designer holds in their brain can make your business money, grow it’s customer base, elevate your brand in a way that only custom design can, and bring you up to speed with your competitors. Good design can put your business on the map - that shouldn’t come free. Stick up for those who pour so much of themselves into their work.