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M2C Product Review :: Sense by Hello

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In October 2015, I ordered a Sense by Hello for my then fiancé Tim as a gift. I wanted to order this product to understand under what conditions we both slept best in. "Sense by Hello wakes you up feeling great, improves your sleep, and helps you learn how the environment of your bedroom affects your rest."

Physical Product :: 
• the packaging is *stunning* - very reminiscent of apple packaging
• initial set up was super easy, had everything ready to go within minutes
• the sleep pills {which attach to your pillow} are so small that you barely notice they’re there at all during the night
• the sense itself emanates lovely indicator lights: when you turn your light off, when your alarm goes off, and when you check your sleep pills
• the alarm goes from soft to loud {quite loud in my opinion} to wake you up, which I suppose is really nice

Product Data :: 
• the corresponding app is so nicely designed, very intuitive and is getting better with age - every update makes it better and better
• gives comprehensive environmental data to ensure a good nights sleep - for ex. if your room is too hot, it will suggest you sleep with a fan on and display ideal sleeping temperatures
• great for couples, shows when you’ve been moving around in the night vs. your partner
• it surveys you every morning asking how you slept last night - not sure what it is doing with that data though, haven’t seen a return from answering those every morning

Things we loved // Things we had trouble with :: 
• a least a couple of mornings a month I see a screen saying I have no sleep timeline from the night before even though Tim has data - I plan on emailing Hello to troubleshoot this, thinking it could be my sleep pill
• when we first set up, we didn’t know they had *regular* alarms - Sense uses something called Smart Alarms. They wake you up gradually starting when you’re sleeping your lightest in the morning and you can only have one set per day. Tim and I are serial snoozers and set our regular iPhone alarms for later {because we thought we could only have one alarm set} but Sense actually had these available by unselecting “Smart Alarm”
• their customer service is WONDERFUL - they’d sent out a thank you/ how’s it going email a few months back and Tim and I took the time to sit down and write out our thoughts {one being the alarm vs. Smart Alarm situation}, we received a detailed email back from the founder helping us find what we need and relaying our other suggestions on to the team. We really appreciated the response and felt like we were heard. 

Overall Thoughts :: 
We love this product and would highly recommend it for people who would like to make the move towards a better night's sleep. 9 out of 10!

 Photo :: https://hello.is/

Photo :: https://hello.is/