I am Maggie

MAGGIEMCRAMER gets a new look

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The challenge in branding yourself is finding that right mix of what you love and what will work for your business; separating that one drop of logo inspiration from the flood that often sloshes around in our brains. Maggie M Cramer strung together didn’t really give the look or feel of the brand that I was going for. I am a minimal design enthusiast and it grated on my nerves every time I had to look at that super long logo that couldn't really be read at small sizes. So, I decided to give my brand a major facelift. 

WHAT I WANTED:  After I’d convinced myself that I needed to move on, I drew up 4 goals for myself as my own design brief:

• The key was something so completely different from previous logo, and from everything else I’d seen out there. Part of that is color – there’s a lot of muted, conservative tones at the moment.

• Minimal in design with bold shapes and considered negative space.

• A mix of serif and sans serif

• If it could somehow signal my marital change from a Molenaar to a Cramer, I would be happy too!

One of my professors in college told me that the hardest client you will ever have is yourself. He was totally right. If you feel that your identity isn’t jiving or you’re ready for a refresh, make sure you go with something you love, not something you feel will work in the meantime. Take the time to design it with the same care and consideration you would with any of your clients.